African Art, the Entertainment Industrial Complex, and Hip Hop Culture (book)

from Ankh Ba Records

This study examines fundamental ways in which Hip Hop culture exemplifies the artistic and societal creativity and cultural resilience of African Americans, and how it epitomizes specific African social, ethical and spiritual values and practices that of enslaved Africans and their descendants carried in their collective memories and consciousness for centuries. From this perspective, the study hypothesizes that Hip Hop culture reflects the resiliency of African cultural practices in the African-American experience. It further hypothesizes that the full historicity of the new artifacts resulting therefrom cannot be fully comprehended unless they are duly analyzed in dialectical correlation with the African heritage of their creators. The value of this study resides in the fact that it generates an understanding of the circumstances under which the African personality survived attempts at erasure, appropriation, and commodification in the United States, from the period of chattel slavery to the emergence and spread of Hip Hop culture. The study offers an authentic ethnographical and historiographical examination of the culture and seeks to demonstrate that Hip Hop culture is not merely a musical genre or form of entertainment. Instead, it is a social and cultural mechanism by which African-American youth managed to transform circumstances of violence, marginalization, and oppression into organic urban community life, using artistic and resources drawn from the African cultural heritage of African Americans. This work explores the purpose of African cultural practices, the source of African-American cultural patrimony, the origins of the entertainment business network, and how entertainment has been used as propaganda to degrade the African personality. The work further analyzes the suppression, misrepresentation, and degradation of the African personality during chattel slavery in the United States and the subsequent commodification of African-American culture and art. It posits that Hip Hop culture exemplifies the resiliency of the African personality in African-American people, despite conditions of psychological violence, cultural erasure, physical oppression, exploitation, and appropriation.

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